Training and Development

Admin-in-Action will provide you with the best hands on experience that will prove substantial for your business coaching needs. Every work environment should foster continuous learning, as an evolving employee is a catalyst to company growth. Admin-in-Action can provide business consultants to conduct training and development sessions tailored to your company’s unique needs, whether within the confines of the office or in a more relaxed environment. Aside from training, business coaching sessions are also performed to address short term needs of clients, whether these be big or small concerns to tackle. Business coaching services will dramatically improve the success of your business.

Action Induction Sessions – sessions that can complement your company induction which will cover lessons such as:

  • Be the CEO of Your Own Job
  • What to Do When there is Nothing to Do
  • There isn’t Anything Here that isn’t MY Job
  • Talking Solutions and NOT Problems
  • Keys to Team Work and Cooperation in the Workplace
  • How to Handle a Problem in Your Boss’s Absence
  • The Right Way to Treat Both Internal and External Clients
  • The Learning Curve: Why It’s OK to Ask “Why” and “How”
  • Completing the Puzzle: Where You Fit in the Whole Picture

Admin Boot Camp and Business Coaching

Admin Boot Camp is an intensive 3-day out of office training camp which works to foster team learning and camaraderie. We will work with you to determine the best course outline for this training & development camp, aimed at taking your administrative staff to new levels.

Lessons will be a mix of classroom type sessions and practical activities. Topics include:

  • The 3-Step Process to Enjoying Your Admin Position
  • The 5 Basics for a Worry-Free Admin Position
  • The 5 Essentials for Reliable Accounting Information
  • Organising and Efficiency
  • The 5 Steps to INCREDIBLE Management Reports (“Boss, Here’s a Better Business”)
  • Making a Difference in the Organisation
  • Making It All Happen – The 5 Magic Moves
  • One-on-One: How the Team Member Fits in the Mold
  • Hot Seat: Communicating Improvement Opportunities
  • The 5 Important Steps to Becoming a Trusted Advisor
  • The 7 Inexcusable Forms of Waste
  • 5 Keys to Implementing New Knowledge

“The Admin Boot Camp enabled me to understand more about the ambitions and motivations of my team. At the end of the session, I also saw a renewed sense of camaraderie and purpose in my staff that translated to a more cohesive unit in the workplace.”